Simplification is everything

Whether you are creating or approving an expense, mileage or trip. Sonya makes the difficult easy and the boring fun. Sonya is digitization done right.

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Camera or import

Hasta la vista paperwork

Digital or paper receipts. The optimized scanner in Sonya reads and interprets expenses for breakfast. With automatic import, the job is already done.


Ready, set, drive!

Enter from and to. Sonya automatically calculates your mileage allowance with the correct rates. Using your car at work is now done in seconds.

Automatic distance calculator

Enter from and to, and the app will automatically calculate the length of your trip. You can easily override the calculation manually if desired.

All toll stations in Norway

Sonya calculates what you paid in tolls. Our solution handles dynamic toll prices and it also keeps track of discounts you may have. Support for more countries are coming soon.

Add passengers

If your entire company are using Sonya, you can easily select passengers from a list of colleagues. You can also add passengers manually.

One or more vehicles

Add as many vehicles as you want. You can easily switch between them after you have created the mileage allowance.


Control is no longer a dream

Get full overview and organize your expenses as you like. Sonya handles all the latest rates and regulations. Control is something you now have in your pocket.

Try free for 30 days

1 or 1000. Sonya can be tested by everyone in the organization for a whole month, without obligation. Create an account and the system will on-board all employees automatically. In seconds, Sonya is installed, ready for use on your phone.

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Government rates

Automatic calculation of per diems

One destination or multi destination trips, domestic or abroad, Sonya automatically calculates your per diems based on the correct rates.

Climate and emissions

Climate report

Sonya keeps track of the greenhouse gas emissions from your travel activities. See emissions directly in the app or log on to the admin web to get a complete climate report for the entire company.


Expense reconciliation in real-time

Together with First Card from Nordea, we make it possible to automate expenses made with company cards – in real time. This means that as soon as the purchase is completed, the expense will automatically be created in Sonya.


Easy hour reporting

Practical interface for hour reporting with suggestions from your calendar. Optional add-on module.

Approved? You're the boss.

As a manager, you are notified when an expense requires approval. If it contains missing information or bad quality photos, it can be returned as easily as it came. Being good cop/bad cop, has never been easier.

As an approver, you receive push notifications when something needs to be approved. On the frontpage of the app you can easily see all the expense reports that are waiting for approval.
You can easily dive into each expense report directly in the app. If everything looks good, you approve it. The employee who submitted it will automatically receive a push notification with the latest status.
Have you found something wrong with an expense? Take it easy. In Sonya, you can easily reject and ask the employee to fix the problems.

You won't miss a beat

Sonya is built native for both iOS and Android. With a company account you also get access to the admin web, the hub of Sonya. Here you have a complete overview of employees, teams and projects. Add your own expense types and set up integrations with payroll and accounting systems. The admin web is a very advanced tool that simplifies the whole process of managing expenses reports. Simple, smart and safe.

On-board employees in no-time

Enter the email addresses of those who should have access. Sonya sends out invitations and makes sure your employees get started with the app.

Integrates with other accounting systems

Sonya has direct integration with a range of different accounting systems. All employees and projects are synchronized. Expense reports are automatically sent to the accounting system upon approval.

Direct export to file

Sonya supports file export to PDF and CSV. We will continuously add more file-formats going forward. These can easily be downloaded from Sonya's admin web by your accountant.

Built for the future

Sonya is built with the future in mind and everything is running in the cloud. This means high uptime, automatic backups and minimal maintenance and hassle for you and your employees.

Only $6.49 for each user per month

Try Sonya for free for a whole month, completely without obligation. After the trial ends, you can decide whether you want to pay to continue using Sonya. We offer payment by credit card or invoice. For larger companies we also offer discounted prices.

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Sonya keeps your accounts up to date

Sonya's mantra is to deliver automation throughout the whole value chain. Our goal is to make the accountant as happy as the user of the app. A central part of this is being able to integrate Sonya with all the major accounting systems.

Our integration with Xledger fetches employees, projects and expense codes. Expenses, per diems and mileage allowances are automatically uploaded from Sonya.

The integration with Tripletex fetches employees, projects and cost categories. Expenses, per diems and mileage allowances are automatically uploaded from Sonya.

This integration automatically transfers all expenses, per diems and driving allowances as soon as they are submitted and approved in Sonya. They will then show up as a salary items in PowerOffice Go with the correct ledger account and VAT code.

With our integration for Uni Economy, Sonya can automatically fetch employees and projects. Expenses, per diems and mileage allowances are then uploaded as soon as they are approved in Sonya.

The accountant can download files for Visma Lønn and Visma.NET Payroll directly from the archive on the admin web. This makes importing expenses, per diems and mileages into the payroll system both quick and easy.

In the archive on the admin web, the accountant can download files which can be imported into Aditro Payroll. In a matter of seconds, expenses, per diems and mileage allowances are transferred to the payroll system.

Sonya can export files directly to Huldt & Lillevik's file format. These files can be downloaded by the accountant from the archive on the admin web. Transferring expenses to the payroll system is done in seconds.

Accountants can download files for Nettlønn directly from the archive on the admin web. Expenses, per diems and mileage allowances are transferred to the payroll system in no time.

Save time and money with Sonya

Collecting receipts and filling out expense reports on paper or a spreadsheet is very time consuming for your employees. By using Sonya, this time is reduced with up to 80%. In addition to this, because Sonya has digitalized and streamlined the whole process, your expense reports will contain less mistakes and errors.

A slightly more hidden cost is the time spent by the accountant when processing the expense reports. Integrating Sonya with your company's financial and payroll system automates much of this time consuming and manual work!

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